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Wedding reception

Planning your wedding reception can take a lot of effort and it all begins with deciding on the location of the reception. The responsibility of coming up with a flawlessly successful reception can be daunting – from favors, food, and drink to recreation, seating charts, and youngsters, you’ve got myriad details to consider.

The wedding reception will be the foremost vital event in a wedding. It constitutes the focal point of the entire wedding as a result of it is the common platform for the guests and hosts to come together and sink in the series of fun and merriment reception with a lavish unfold of gourmand cuisine and drinks at their disposal.

The entire series of meals to be served at the reception, be it the evening snacks, delicious cake, dining, late night supper for stay-on guests etc. Has got to be printed within the invite card itself therefore there’s no space for any confusion on what to expect at the reception. Each and every meal has got to be meticulously planned in order that there aren’t any unhappy guests at the end.

Now, putting the things together to make a wedding reception unforgettable is fastidiously, elaborate and time overwhelming thought-about from the angle of a commoner. But, it’s not so with professional help at your hand.

From calculating the price per plate with accompanied beverages for every meal to the price concerned in laying the tables with decoration for the occasion, we are able to offer you a forecast on what quantity you’d be spending on every guest except for a lump sum kept aside for any unseen expenditure. With our rich expertise in this line, it’s nothing more than a cakewalk for us to arrange for a flowing reception with all the necessary details thrown in at the correct degrees.

Events of happiness is such a company who believes in serving their clients to the fullest which is very well depicted in our work. According to the theme we arrange for the caterers and provide the best quality food.